React Landing Page with Google Material Design

Raymond - 3 years ago
React Landing Page with Google Material Design

Complete React landing page using Google Material Design, Material Icons.

React Router Dom to navigate the menu to a specific part of the website

There are 6 parts

1) Banner section will have 3 slide images with title, description, and button.

2) Search section will have a search suggestion.

3) AirPnP Explore section includes 4 columns with icons, titles, and descriptions.

4) AirPnP Adventures section includes 3 columns with Material Design Card Images, title, and description, floating button, material icons.

5) AirPnP Photo Gallery section includes 4 columns 3-row photos with Image Lightbox.

6) AirPnP Contact section: includes Company Address and Contact form with Material Icons.


*You can download FREE whole website codes for your reference, personal, business purpose without RE-SALE it and follow Grabbble's Author Licence.


A training video can be found here with step by step how to build it

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lakshmi b

lakshmi b 3 years ago

how to downlaod the code

Raymond 3 years ago

To download, you need to register an account, hope that helps

Hoang 2 years ago